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Book Signing at the Fremont Market! Next Sunday June 1st, 10-5

This book signing has brought me back into the magical world of the Fremont Market! My “extrovert” is emerging again :)  Found some magnets from my previous incarnation as Eye-Scapes photographer I’ll be giving away, as well as a few surprises. Should be fun and enlivening!  Here’s a medley of images from the “Center of the Universe”… Come on by!

Fremont Market Book Signing

Where it all began … and continues …

Sincere appreciation to founders Marcia Hunt, Jon Hegeman, and Candace Reiter who offered me pro bono space at the popular Fremont Sunday Market to promote my book! And Ryan Reiter, who despite his busy schedule, designed this banner and makes sure it gets displayed each weekend!!!  You guys rock!!!

Top of the sign showcases the local venues now carrying this book: East West Bookshop, Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, University of Washington Bookstore and Frame Up Studios  –  along with my bio and a promo for the book signing on June 1st.

Fremont Market Display for Eye-Scapes

Eye-Scapes Book at East West!

Thanks to Pete and friends at East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, for showcasing my new Eye-Scapes book. It’s very encouraging to have positive, welcoming energy around efforts to get my book out into the local Seattle community!

East West Bookshop